Building Prospects 2019

Annual report

Building Prospects (BP) is the Dutch government fund for private investments in the agribusiness value chain, infrastructure and climate in developing countries.

In poor countries, agribusiness is generally the most important sector and needs to be the driving engine out of poverty. A strong agribusiness value chain needs access to energy and water, and also to logistics and transport. In addition, investment in climate change resilience and mitigation is critical.

This year, Building Prospects has ventured into pioneering sectors, such as aquaculture and the first
renewable power plant in Djibouti.

2019 was the first year for the fund under the new name “Building Prospects”, and with a renewed mandate and strategy. As part of the new strategy, it has increased the exposure in the agribusiness value chain and forestry.

Our performance

Building Prospects’ fund capital at year end was EUR 331 million. Its portfolio counted 62 clients in 22 individual countries and 4 regions. It has made 15 new investments in 2019. Additionally, 2019 was the first year where
Building Prospects had its own budget for Capacity Development (CD), and it has funded 9 CD projects, supporting clients in improving their performance and impact.

€479 million

Total committed portfolio


Direct jobs supported

3.3 million

Beneficiaries reached 

Our committed portfolio

Total committed portfolio

€479 million

Total committed portfolio by region


LadyAgri invests in agribusiness projects where women can contribute and lead. Through their knowledge of gender and agriculture and a strong network of international and African professionals, LadyAgri supports women agri-entrepreneurs in Africa.

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Cathay AfricInvest

Founded in 1994, AfricInvest is one of the most experienced private equity investors in Africa, having raised EUR 1.2bn in its 25-year history. In affiliation with Cathay Innovation the firm is launching their first pan-African Innovation Fund, “Cathay AfricInvest Innovation” fund.

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Sahyadri, established in 2011 in Nasik, India, is a cooperative Farmer Producing Organization (FPO). Sahyadri procures, processes and markets fruits and vegetables from its 8.000 small farmer members.

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Yalelo | fully integrated tilapia farm

Yalelo is a fully integrated tilapia farm in Zambia. As such, they are involved in the whole supply chain: from inputs (feed), breeding, growing, distribution to retail.

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Djibouti Wind

This wind farm is to support about 40-50% of the current Djibouti power demand at a competitive rate and is expected to replace partly inefficient and polluting thermal power, and possibly prevent further expansion of polluting energy industry.

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Alliance for Water Stewardship

FMO’s Client is the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS), a not-for-profit organization working on sustainable and responsible water management.

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In November 2019, the NGO Human Rights Watch published a critical report concerning one of our investments in Feronia, a palm oil producer for the domestic market in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Several of the conclusions drawn in the HRW report did not come as a surprise. The findings of the report represent some of the dilemmas we face in our daily line of work. Given the remoteness of the plantations, the fluctuation of palm oil prices and legacy issues dating back more than 100 years, Feronia is one of the most complex investments we have in our portfolio.

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