Building Prospects 2022

Annual report

Building Prospects is the Dutch government fund for private investments in the agribusiness value chain, infrastructure and climate in developing countries.

In poor countries, agribusiness is generally the most important sector and needs to be the driving engine out of poverty. A strong agribusiness value chain needs access to energy and water, and also to logistics and transport. In addition, investment in climate change resilience and mitigation is critical.

Building Prospects continued supporting both new and old customers throughout 2022.

In 2022 we were able to close eight new investments totaling EUR 32.1 million commitment

Building Prospects’ fund capital at year end was EUR 351 million. Its portfolio counted 69 clients in 25 individual countries and 5 regions. It has made 8 new investments and supporting 10 clients through Capacity Development in 2022. 

Our committed portfolio

Total committed portfolio

€487 million

Total committed portfolio by region