Production capacity development

Contracts CD 2020


Alliance for Water Stewardhip - EUR 166,000

The objective of the project is i) to support FMO’s customers and prospects and the wider sector in bringing their water management to a higher standard by funding knowledge transfer and certification on responsible water management and ii) gain visibility for FMO (and to a lesser extent Building Prospects (BP)) as the preferred local partner to invest in water and water management as it is one of the focus themes of FMO, specifically of the Agribusiness, Food and Water department.


Yalelo Limited - EUR 100,000

As part of FMO’s Covid-19 Response Package, the Emergency Grant Facility supports FMO’s customers to adapt or scale their business models to provide vital goods and services to help employees, workers, and communities cope with the pandemic, and to support customers’ business continuity efforts. The objective is to support Yalelo’s Covid-19 response strategy.


Madagascar Hydro Holdco Limited - EUR 42,500

The objective is to strengthen the E&S capacity of the Platform Company, for the implementation of Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP) action items.


Sucafina Holding S.A. - EUR 100,000

The objective is to support Sucafina to launch a large-scale trial of remote extension services to adapt to the new work constraints related to the Covid


Miro Forestry Developments Limited - EUR 100,000

The objective is to support Miro in increasing the awareness of workers and communities regarding the COVID-19 virus, provide access to hygiene and sanitation facilities at community level and to build the capacity of health clinics and service providers that Miro has started collaborating with.


Zanzibar Sugar Factory Limited - EUR 85,000

The funding objective is to support ZSL with the donation of extra neutral alcohol (ENA) to the Government of Zanzibar to ensure the production of sanitizers for the local community. Since COVID-19 was announced in Zanzibar and Mainland Tanzania, sanitizers and other hygiene products have been in short supply.


Solu Hydro Power Private Limited - EUR 105,000

The main objective of the Livelihood Restoration and Development Plan is to enhance the livelihood of the Project Affected People (PAPs) through agri-based activities and other trainings that promote diversified farming and enhance food security.


CO2 Operate B.V. - EUR 500,000 Repayable Development Contribution

The objective is to support CO2Operate with the scaling up of the project to migrate the company from proof of concept to the scale-up phase and reach its vision to rehabilitate to more than 5,000 ha of degraded land by 2030.


SFA FZE - EUR 99,737

“A sector initiative “The Rallying Cry” was set up by FMO with SFA. This project is an opportunity for FMO, the international development finance community and private sector to catalyse, identify and support gender-smart climate solutions on the African continent.


MLR Forestral De Nicaragua S.A. - EUR 60,000

With this project FMO expects to support MLR Forestal, its employees and surrounding communities by ensuring access to food and health care services for the most vulnerable.


Agrovision Peru S.A.C. - EUR 82,100

FMO supports this project because it will benefit the Morrope community in containing the spread of COVID-19, increasing food-water security and allowing business continuity.


Eolo De Nicaragua S.A. - EUR 35,000

The aim of the project is to support EOLO in their efforts to protect communities from the effects of communicable diseases (such as: Dengue, Chicungunya, Zica, food borne illnesses, different forms of influenza and respiratory diseases as well as COVID-19), educate and prevent the spreading of these diseases