Production capacity development

Contracts CD 2022


Agfunder INC. - EUR 1,948 Technical Assistance

Co-fund with BII the launch and development of AgFunder's AgFunderNews (AFN) project to build a dedicated Africa content channel that complements its existing global / regional agrifoodtech investment news and research platforms.


SFA FZE - EUR 210,000 Technical Assistance

SFA FZE is a branch company of the Sustainable Finance Advisory and provides advisory, facilitation, consulting and training services to companies around the globe. “The Rallying Cry: Catalysing Action on Climate Change and Gender in Africa” (the project) is a private sector-led initiative to surface and enhance the unique and critical role that women have to play in contributing to climate solutions. It consists of an inclusive, purpose-driven eco-system approach at the intersection of climate change and gender to allow for a wider, diverse range of voices to be heard. It will uncover new business initiatives and engage a wider range of stakeholders as a model for change. This project is an opportunity for FMO, the international development finance community and private sector to catalyse, identify and support gender-smart climate solutions on the African continent.


Conservation International Foundation - EUR 1,329,226 Project Development

Conservation International Foundation (CIF) is a global NGO dedicated to nature conservation, landscape restoration and biodiversity. FMO’s Forestry team is looking to set up a formal partnership with CIF focused on knowledge sharing, origination/early lead sourcing and ESG and impact. This project will be a pilot for this partnership. Suriname, 93% of which is covered in forest, and which has a strong local CI office in place, is the right location to pilot the partnership and for FMO to learn if and how the generation of carbon credits can play a role in forestry conservation while supporting local communities. FMO, through BP, will provide a repayable development contribution (RDC) to CIF to set up the Climate Smart Forestry Program (CSF-P). The CSF-P aims to incentivize forest conservation through generating carbon credits by i) reduced impact logging and ii) ecosystem services in the forests by local communities in Suriname. The benefits of the carbon credits will be split between the local communities, the concessionaires, the initial investors (including FMO/BP) and the Surinamese government as owner of the forest land.


Husk Power Systems - EUR 135,000 Technical Assistance

This project supports Husk to provide reliable, affordable and clean energy access for both productive, commercial and residential use in rural areas in developing markets. This is firmly in line with FMO’s ambitions to promote inclusive and green development and economic growth in rural areas in developing markets.


Seafood Advisory LTD. - EUR 36,400


The objective of the project is to hire the services of a consultancy body to i) conduct a Technical Assessment for the Company’s production facilities; and to ii) conduct an ASC and Social and Environmental Gap analysis on their operations, to support the expansion of its shrimp production according to sustainable aquaculture practices.


Stichting Triple Jump Advisory Services - EUR 199,948 Technical Assistance

Combined with its equity investment in EEGF, FMO aims to prepare companies in the solar sector to successfully scale their business model and achieve ESG related goals. This is in line with FMO’s aim to support climate action and access to clean energy, support Bottom of the Pyramid customers and SMEs.


The Aspen Institute - EUR 225,000 Development Contribution

Support to ANDE’s Accelerating Women Climate Entrepreneurs (AWCE) Fund which seeks to build the gender-lens investing ecosystem for growth-oriented women entrepreneurs and grow scalable climate-related ventures in Sub-Saharan Africa. As well as support ANDE’s West African ecosystem convening that is complementary to the AWCE Fund’s objectives.


Yalelo Limited - EUR 250,000 Repayable Development Contribution

FMO aims to support its clients with mitigation measures to limit their GHG emissions. This project can be considered a pilot for possible decarbonization and mitigation measures within its wider portfolio.


Global Food and Agribusiness Network - EUR 20,000 Technical Assistance

The case studies will provide an opportunity to the Cheetahs to be confronted with real challenges growing African business are facing. The problems faced by the case-study candidates (e.g. how to institutionalize the business or develop a route-to-market) will be similar for other Cheetahs. By trying to solve the challenges via interactive discussions we stimulate learning, cooperation and build an unique network of Africa’s most promising food & agri companies.

Omnivore Advisors Private Limited - EUR 197,105 Technical Assistance

The funding will enable OAPL to support two FMO Ventures Program agritech investees to respond to Covid-19 related challenges. The projects will enable them to mobilise and adapt their business models to provide underserved populations with services to better mitigate the impact of Covid-19.