At a glance

Building Prospects (previously Infrastructure Development Fund, IDF) was established in 2002 by the Dutch government and FMO to drive private sector development and job creation in developing countries through investments in infrastructure. In poor countries, agribusiness is generally the most important sector and needs to be the driving engine out of poverty. Building Prospects supports investments in the broad agribusiness value chain. A strong agribusiness value chain needs access to energy and water, and also to logistics and transport. In addition, investment in climate change resilience and mitigation is critical. While there are still remaining legacy clients in the portfolio, Building Prospects no longer invests in non-renewable energy projects. Finally, Building Prospects will build a portfolio that actively takes into account gender equality.

  • 1 Decline in beneficiaries reached is due to change in methodology: (i) new methodology counts only the share that is attributable to Building Prospects, and (ii) funds are excluded to avoid double counting.