Who is our client

LadyAgri invests in agribusiness projects where women can contribute and lead. Through their knowledge of gender and agriculture and a strong network of international and African professionals, LadyAgri supports women agri-entrepreneurs in Africa. LadyAgri performed a market mapping of 4 selected countries in Africa to define the market of women-led agri business and women-dominated value chains. They mapped the opportunities which complied with the Investment Criteria of FMO. In case of a gap, we asked LadyAgri to advise on a solution to bridge the gap. The market mapping identified the gaps in financial tools available to women and started shaping the way forward towards a solution. In 2020, we will continue our partnership to build on results of 2019.

Funding objective

Gender Equality is an important driver for economic activity and productivity. If women had the same access to productive assets as men, agricultural yields would increase by an estimated 20-30%. The gender gap widens with intensified agricultural activities. That is because farm intensification relies heavily on access to productive assets, services, technology, and markets – all particularly challenging for women. Women are key contributors to Africa’s agricultural value chains. Yet, due to inequalities, they often lack access to means needed to grow their businesses.

Why we fund this project

With the renewal of the mandate for Building Prospects, the Fund obtained a “Gender Marker” to give input to the Dutch commitment to invest in SDG 5. In agriculture, this is best implemented by investing in women owned businesses or women dominated value chains. That is why FMO wants to explore the business case for these type of investments. FMO is proud to partner with Impact Investment Hub LadyAgri for this project.

Instrument | Evaluation study

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