Production capacity development

Contracts CD 2019


Alliance for Water Stewardhip - EUR 166,000

The objective of the project is i) to support FMO’s clients and prospects and the wider sector in bringing their water management to a higher standard by funding knowledge transfer and certification on responsible water management and ii) gain visibility for FMO (and to a lesser extent Building Prospects (BP)) as the preferred local partner to invest in water and water management as it is one of the focus themes of FMO, specifically of the Agribusiness, Food and Water department.


BioCarbon Partners Ltd - EUR 50,000

BioCarbon Partners Ltd focusses on forest conservation through the implementation of REDD+ projects in Zambia. REDD+ projects are considered a promising climate change mitigation strategy to avoid the deforestation of millions of hectares by providing economic incentives for ecosystem services. BioCarbon Partners uses the economic benefits from the sale of Carbon Credits (VER’s) to facilitate forest conservation through community development initiatives and specialised teams and structures. The project enables FMO to get closer to its commitments and sustainability ambitions. The Convertible Grant will be used to undertake studies to demonstrate the feasibility of REDD+ projects in Zambia. It will help lay a good foundation for future projects in the sector and the region.


Feronia - EUR 250,000

The objective of this funding is to improve community livelihoods opportunities, expand grievance management systems and facilitate the resolution of legacy land issues, so that Feronia can improve its community engagement and operations.


Kenmare Moma - EUR 150,000

The funding objective is to support a three-year education program for schools in the communities around Kenmare, with a special focus on access to education for girls.


R2 Advisors LLC - Eur 45,000

The aim of this project is to support Envirofit to cover the costs for a restructuring consultant, who should assist management in fundraising, help the company overcome the current liquidity crisis and advise on current inefficiencies in the business.


Sucafina Holdings SA. - EUR 181,076

The objective is to support Sucafina with the Farmer Hub Activation phase, which is the extension of the initial Farmer Hub Initiative that was finalized in June 2019 with the support of Capacity Development (CD).


Sucafina Holdings S.A - EUR 63,400

The objective is to support Sucafina to develop ‘Farmer Hubs’. These are whole-farm, year-round engagements with smallholder farmers in six countries in East Africa. Farmer Hubs are both physical and digital businesses that create economically successful farmers through business models being tailored to the different origins and types of farmers. The project is designed in three phases, from i) incubation to ii) piloting to iii) scaling.