At a glance

Building Prospects was established in 2002 by the Dutch government and FMO to drive private sector development and job creation in developing countries through investments in infrastructure.

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While Building Prospects remained open to new investments throughout 2021, the continued pandemic restrictions made it difficult to source new transactions.

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Exits and sales

Despite the COVID-19 crisis, one of Building Prospects' client graduated to FMO in 2021. This is good news for Building Prospects and demonstrates its catalytic and ‘upstream’ role in creating bankable projects.

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International principles

Our impact goes beyond our investments. To embrace our mission fully, we are committed to doing business in a responsible and sustainable way, guided by global standards and guidelines.

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List of abbreviations

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Statement of financial position

At December 31, 2021

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Statement of changes in fund capital

At December 31, 2021

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Statement of comprehensive income

At December 31, 2021

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Summary of accounting policies

Building Prospects (BP), the Fund, is established by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2002 to support private investments in infrastructures in developing countries. FMO executes the Fund at the risk and expense of the Dutch State.

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