Exits and sales

Despite the COVID-19 crisis, one of Building Prospects' client graduated to FMO in 2021. This is good news for Building Prospects and demonstrates its catalytic and ‘upstream’ role in creating bankable projects.

  • Ivory Cocoa Products S.A.R.L. (ICP) - ICP was founded in 2012 and started operations with a modest 25k MT processing facility for cocoa. In 2015, the company doubled its capacity to 50k and it is currently producing a full range of semi-finished cocoa products (liquor, butter, cake and powder). Over the years ICP was able to grow due to the entrepreneurial capabilities, partnership and local market knowledge of the owners, underpinned by the financial support of Building Prospects. ICP is a true reflection of the impact and growth that can be attained through supporting the wider agri-value chain.
    ICP has become a valuable and active partner of our African Cheetahs Network, we regularly organize Cocoa-CEO-Chats between ICP and our other cocoa processor Niche. We help the companies to further institutionalize their businesses and to  reduce key-man knowledge risk. In addition, significant progress has been made on ICP's E&S standards by pro-actively address the supply chain risks. As such, the financing risk of ICP has decreased, which enabled the client to matured to FMO level funding. We wish ICP continued success in the years to come.