Production capacity development

Contracts CD 2021


Agfunder INC. - EUR 50,000 Technical Assistance

AgFunderNews engaged to build a dedicated Africa content channel to provide news coverage, reporting and data collection on African agriculture and food technologies (agrifoodtech) to a global audience. This project is in line with BP’s objectives and the aim is to support in building a cohesive African agribusiness ecosystem by bringing more investment to the sector and driving adoption of promising technologies across the continent.


Waycool Foods and Products Private - EUR 18,889 Technical Assistance

Waycool Foods & Products is an agritech company active in the supply chain technologies space in India. Waycool focusses on India’s fragmented food value chains and leverages technology and automation to improve logistics and distribution services, reduce food waste, increase farmer income and improve quality of the produce for the consumer.We worked with ERM India in the development of E&S management system of Waycool through providing a framework that enables the client in the identification of environmental, health and safety and social risks and impacts and puts in place policies, procedures and developing capacities to manage them.


Finnish Fund For Industrial Cooperation - EUR 9,000 Partnership Development Contribution

Support for pitch competition for African Cheetahs Community to provide advisory to the two winners.


Siempelkamp Maschinen- UND Anlagenb - EUR 456,872 Technical Assistance

The objective of this project is to conduct a Feasibility Study that will evaluate and verify the feasibility and commercial potential of the establishment of the first Oriented Strand Board (OSB) production plant, focused on off-take agreements from local farmers. This project will therefore improve the livelihoods of rural communities, test new technologies and the possibility of adding value to bamboo, one of the fastest growing fibre sources in the world and potentially a sustainable input for building materials.


Stichting AndGreen Fund - EUR 100,000 Technical Assistance

Stichting &Green Fund is the foundation of the &Green Fund, a debt fund managed by SAIL Ventures and focusing on Forestry and Sustainable Land Use (SLU) investment. In this project, BP co-funded external advisory which would support the fund with its ESMS update and with the development and implementation of a Biodiversity Net Gain Framework. With FMO’s contribution we support a first-time fund manager focusing on high-risk sectors with the management of its E&S risks and a framework on measurable net positive forest and biodiversity outcomes.


SFA FZE - EUR 272,616 Technical Assistance

SFA FZE is a branch company of the Sustainable Finance Advisory and provides advisory, facilitation, consulting and training services to companies around the globe. “The Rallying Cry: Catalysing Action on Climate Change and Gender in Africa” (the project) is a private sector-led initiative to surface and enhance the unique and critical role that women have to play in contributing to climate solutions. It consists of an inclusive, purpose-driven eco-system approach at the intersection of climate change and gender to allow for a wider, diverse range of voices to be heard. It will uncover new business initiatives and engage a wider range of stakeholders as a model for change. This project is an opportunity for FMO, the international development finance community and private sector to catalyse, identify and support gender-smart climate solutions on the African continent.